2016 Sep 07

NXT Coverage – September 7, 2016

Ember Moon vs. Leah Von

They lock up and Ember with a wrist lock and Leah with a reversal. Ember wtih a reversal into a side head lock. Ember with a back elbow and she lands on her feet on a hip toss attempt. Ember with a side head lock and Leah with a reversal. Ember with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Ember grabs the leg but Leah kicks her way and connects with a knee and kick. Leah with a clothesline for a near fall. Leah with a rear chin lock. Ember with elbows but Leah with a forearm. Leah goes for a cartwheel into a move in the corner but Ember blocks it and gets a near fall with a roll up. Ember with a hip into the corner followed by a suplex and a handspring clothesline in the corner. Ember goes up top for the O Face and hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Ember Moon