2016 Nov 16

NXT Coverage – November 16, 2016

After Liv Morgan defeated Peyton Royce due to interference from Billie Kay, the Iconic Duo continued attacking Morgan until Aliyah made the save. Liv is sent to the floor and Royce sends Aliyah onto Billie’s knee with a bulldog. Aliyah is sent into the LED board against the apron. Liv is brought into the ring for a bulldog but Ember Moon makes her way to the ring and she hits a springboard cross body. Moon with a knee to Royce and a handspring clothesline to Billie. Liv and Ember with drop kicks to Billie and Peyton to send them fleeing.

Later, we go to Liv Morgan, Aliyah, and Ember Moon in the back. They are asked why they are together. Aliyah says that Billie and Peyton do not run the women’s division. Ember says that inspiration works in mysterious ways. Her path became their path when Billie and Peyton got involved. Liv says Peyton acts like Poison Ivy while Billie looks like Olive Oyl. Liv says they have the numbers now so she challenges Billie and Peyton to find a third to face them.