2017 Jan 28

NXT TakeOver: San Antonio Pre-Show Coverage – January 28, 2017

Ember Moon joined the broadcast team to break down the Women’s Championship Match. McGuinness said taking on three different challengers could be the biggest mistake of Asuka’s championship career. Ember defended it, and McGuinness stood his ground. Ember said Nikki Cross is insane and no one can predict what she will do. Graves asked Ember which woman she would like to face and why. Ember said she wants Asuka to win because she wants to be the one finally beats her. She said that the person she thinks will win the four-way is a different story. She said she thinks any of the four can win. McGuinness asked what Ember has that makes her believe she’ll be the next champion. Ember said if you watch her then you’ll find out for yourself.