2017 Mar 08

NXT Coverage – March 8, 2017

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are trying to find a spot to put their Breakout Star of the Year award. They see the display case for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Trophy and say they need something like that. They see Ember Moon training and Ember looks at them through the glass. Ember comes after them but she is held back by a trainer.

Ember Moon vs. Billie Kay w/Peyton Royce

Billie has to talk to Peyton before locking up but Moon with a drop kick and springboard cross body for a near fall. Ember pulls Billie back into the ring but she also brings Peyton into the ring. Billie attacks Ember from behind and catapults her into the middle rope. Billie gets a near fall. Ember wtih a rollup for a near fall. Billie with sole food and she gets a near fall. Billie with a head butt. Billie with forearms to Ember.

Ember wtih a forearm but Billie with a rolling elbow and she gets a near fall. Billie taunts Ember and Ember with a series of kicks followed by an enzuigiri and Ember with a running kick to the temple. Ember with a running knee into the corner and Ember goes up top. Peyton gets on the apron to distract Ember but it is not enough because Ember hits The Eclipse for the three count. After the match, the medical staff checks on Billie Kay. Peyton checks on Billie as well.

Winner: Ember Moon

William Regal is with Ember Moon and he says that he has talked to Asuka and at Takeover Orlando, Ember Moon will face Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship. Ember says at Takeover, the Women’s Title will enter a new phase