2017 May 03

NXT Coverage – May 3, 2017

Battle Royal – #1 Contender’s Match for the NXT Women’s Championship

The match starts with a couple women going after Victoria Gonzalez, who tries to eliminate Kay and Royce. Chaos has already ensued in the ring, as Cross is focused on Riot in the corner. Aliyah nearly eliminates Lacey Evans but to no avail, while Candice LaRae is nearly eliminated by Sara Bridges. Things continue to stay at a stand still as we go to break.

Back from the break, we find out Victoria Gonzales was eliminated as Bianca Blair is eliminated by the Iconic duo next. Meanwhile, Bridges and Cross are working on Lacey as Ember Moon and Aliyah work together trying to eliminate Rachel Evers. Royce is nearly eliminated but stays safe, but the same cannot be said for Rachel Evers who is eliminated by Aliyah. Bridges is out on the apron before being eliminated next, as are Sonya and Evans. Royce is saved from an elimination by Kay, as Riot eliminates Kimberly. Ember Moon works extra hard to eliminate Liv Morgan as Candice is eliminated by Peyton and Kay. Cross catches Aliyah on the apron to eliminate her next, and we are down to six. Iconic focus on Riot as Cross and Liv have at it, and Cross eliminates Liv. Iconic are now on Ember as Cross crawls right over to Riot. Kay tries to get Moon over the rope, but ends up being eliminated instead. Royce gets Moon on the apron, but is eliminated as well.

We’re down to three as Cross launches herself at Riot, and Moon goes after her. Cross tries to eliminate Moon but is taken down by Riot, giving Moon the opportunity to hit Eclipse on Cross. Moon gets Cross to the ropes, and Riot tries to take advantage to no avail as Moon hits a hard kick followed by a forearm in the corner. Moon up on the turnbuckle, but here comes Asuka. The champion drops Moon off the turnbuckle as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Asuka takes out all three of the women in this battle royal, shouting that no one is ready to face her. Officials check on Moon as Asuka high-tails it out to the back, and Nikki Cross is livid saying Asuka’s name. William Regal comes to the stage, announcing that at Takeover: Chicago, Asuka will defend the NXT Women’s Championship against all three of the final women in the battle royal.