2017 Oct 18

NXT Coverage – October 18, 2017

NXT Women’s Championship Qualifier
Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot vs. Sonya Deville

We start with a test of strength between Riot and Moon, and they try to get Sonya to join to no avail, as she kicks Riot before she’s rolled up by Ember for a nearfall, and Riot gets a nearfall on Ember. Headscissors takedown by Riot takes Moon out of the ring, and Sonya takes Riot down with a lariat for a nearfall. Riot reverses a whip into an arm drag and a flurry of offense on Sonya as Ember gets back in the ring. Riot takes Moon and Sonya down, Sonya rolling out of the ring as Ember and Riot exchange holds. They knock Sonya off the apron before focusing on each other again, Moon getting a nearfall before Sonya comes back in. Ember takes Sonya down to get a nearfall, and gets a nearfall on Riot as well. Sonya back up, hitting some hard kicks on Ember as we go to break.

Back from break, Sonya is in control with a gut wrench suplex on both Moon and Riot. Riot drives the head of Sonya into the corner, before throwing Ember into Sonya. Ember dodges another attack, throwing Ruby out of the ring before getting a nearfall on Sonya. Ember hits the ropes, only to jump right into a spear by Sonya for a nearfall. Ruby breaks it up as Ember rolls out of the ring, as Ruby and Sonya exchange blows. Sonya gets the advantage with a knee to the gut of Ruby, but Ruby manages to get Sonya out of the ring before going for a dive…running right into a forearm by Sonya! Ember goes on the attack now, but Sonya throws her into the apron before climbing on. She leaps off, only for Ember to hit a dropkick on her! Ruby climbs up top as the other two women get up, and she leaps off onto them! Ruby’s ankle is hurt as she brings Ember back into the ring, hitting a hard kick on Ember but favoring the leg as Sonya slides into the ring, locking in the ankle lock on Ruby! She applies the grapevine, causing even more damage as Ruby struggles to get to the ropes and escape. Sonya brings her back in, locking the ankle lock back on! Ruby looks like she could tap out any second, but Ember hits an Eclipse on Sonya from behind! Sonya rolls out of the way as Ember ends up pinning Ruby for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon