2017 Nov 18

NXT TakeOver: WarGames Coverage

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Ember Moon vs. Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross

On the way to the ring, Kay says a few words to Royce and goes to the back. Royce looks scared, but she makes her way to the ring alone for the first time in a long time. Moon dropkicks Cross. Royce drops moon with an elbow. Cross jumps on Moon and mauls her. Moon takes Royce over with a head scissors. Cross jumps on Moon’s back. Royce spin kicks them both. Royce goes for a pin but Sane breaks it up with a running neck breaker. Moon dives onto Cross. Sane dives off the apron and elbows Royce. Moon suicide dives onto Sane and Royce. Cross attacks Moon from behind. Cross tries a hurricanrana on the floor but Moon powerbombs her on the floor. Sane chops Moon in the corner. Sane spears Moon. Sane tries to spear Royce but Royce traps her in the fly trap. Moon superkicks Royce in the face. Moon and Royce trade strikes in the ring. Royce falls to the outside. Sane tries to spear Moon bu Moon leapfrogs her and Sane spears Royce. Sane elbows Moon. Sane goes up top bt Moon cuts her off. Moon tries to superplex Sane but Royce runs up behind her and German suplexes Moon off the top, which also sent Sane falling to the mat as well.

Royce goes for a pin but it doesn’t take. Moon, Sane, and Royce battle in the middle of the ring. Cross dives off the top and splashes everyone. Cross tries Sane into the tree of woe. Cross stomps Sane out in the corner. Royce tries to attack Cross but Cross clotheslines her over the top rope. Cross hits her finish on Sane. Moon breaks up the pin. Moon bicycle kicks Cross in the face. Moon tries to go up top but Cross hits a spinning rope hang DDT. Moon rolls out if the ring before Cross can pin her. Royce grabs Cross and lands the Fisherman’s Suplex. Sane breaks up the pin. Sane Alabama slams Royce onto Cross. Sane hits the Insane Elbow on both Royce and Cross! Moon breaks up the pin. Moon goes up top but Royce crotches her on the top rope. Royce knees Sane in the head. Royce picks up Cross. Moon dives off the top and hits the Eclypse on both Cross and Royce at the same time and gets the pinfall victory.

Winner: Ember Moon

After the match, William Regal is about to present Moon with the title. Asuka gets in the ring and asks Regal if she can. Asuka gives Moon the title and they embrace. Ember celebrates with the championship.