2017 Dec 27

NXT Coverage – December 27, 2017

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Ember Moon vs. Sonya Deville

Things start quick as the women lock up, and Sonya takes the champ down with a waist lock. Exchange of holds leads to Deville nearly getting an ankle lock before Ember gets away. They lock up again and Ember has a headlock, whipped to the ropes and Ember hits an arm drag on Sonya. Sonya gets a waist lock but Ember escapes, missing a kick as Sonya goes on the offensive now. We’re at a standstill as Sonya looks for a test of strength, but suckers Sonya with a kick instead. Ember is whipped on the ropes but hits a dropkick on Sonya, who rolls out of the ring for a breather. Ember goes to the apron, hitting a cannonball dive on Sonya as we go to break.

Back from break, Sonya is in control now with a knee to the face of Ember for a nearfall. Sonya stays in control with a waist lock, but Ember gets to her feet…only for Sonya to slam her down for a nearfall. Sonya taunts the champ as she stays on the attack, wearing her down with a bearhug on the canvas. Ember slowly gets to her feet, and hits a quesadora that drives Sonya’s face into the bottom turnbuckle. Sonya manages to get to her feet first, but Ember catches her with a suplex and a kick punch combo for a nearfall. Ember charges at Sonya, who stops her with a kick and a knee off the bottom rope for a nearfall. Both women are on their feet again, and Ember hits a springboard dropkick on Sonya. Ember charges at Sonya with a forearm, before climbing up top to hit an Eclipse on Sonya for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon

Ember celebrates in the ring as we get replays from the match. Suddenly, Kairi Sane’s music hits as she makes her way to the stage to indicate her interest in the title. Ember nods as though in agreement, when suddenly Shayna Baszler sneaks up behind Sane with a rear naked choke that knocks Sane out. Officials come out to break up the fracas, as Baszler stands tall over Sane before turning her attention to Ember Moon. She walks off, leaving the officials to check on Sane.

Later on, Christy St. Cloud catches up with Ember Moon, who talks about the target on her back from winning the NXT Women’s Championship. It doesn’t matter if it’s Kairi or Shayna Baszler, if they want to make a statement, they need to step into the ring next time.