2018 Jul 09

Raw Coverage – July 9, 2018

Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan w/ Sarah Logan

They start off trading waistlocks before Moon takes her down. Morgan takes a moment to talk strategy with Logan in the corner. Moon pulls Morgan into the ring, but Morgan quickly gets away. Moon goes for a plancha, but lands on her feet when Morgan and Logan move.

Back from the break, we see Morgan bulldog Moon down on her face for a two count. Morgan applies a straightjacket stretch and holds it on for a bit. Moon fights up with Morgan on her back, and Moon falls back onto her. Moon sidesteps a big boot, but Morgan does a matrix-like bend under a clothesline to slam Moon down. Moon quickly comes back with a head-scissor into the turnbuckle. Moon hits a snapmare and sweeps the feet before kneeing her. Moon hits a fallaway slam, and Moon kips up. Moon then punches Logan off the apron. Morgan rolls Moon up, but Moon gets out and gets a jackknife cover for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon