2021 Jun 01

WWE NXT Results – June 1, 2021

Ember Moon storms to the ring says she was hijacking the show until Raquel González came out. González’ music plays and William Regal tries and fails to cut her off at the pass. She gets in the ring and starts brawling with Moon, Moon gets the better of her and mouths off as security holds Gonzalez back, but Dakota Kai jumps Moon from behind and destroys her with kicks! Regal runs down to check on Moon. Security and Regal make both González and Kai leave. Regal goes down to ringside to check on Moon again.

Later, Ember Moon is with McKenzie Mitchell. “Am I supposed to be happy? Jumping for joy? I’m livid. Raquel González is supposed to be the most dominant champion in our history, but Dakota Kai constantly interferes for her. I’m going to get a little revenge on her lackey next week, and at Takeover I’m going to take what matters to her most and become a two time champion. Hell hath no fury like Ember’s Law.”