2018 Mar 14

NXT Coverage – March 14, 2018

NXT Coverage – March 14, 2018

Dakota Kai vs. Lacey Evans

Kai out with a slightly taped up shoulder. Tries for a running kick right off the bat, Evans ducks it, wrenches her arm and starts dropping down some knees on the injury shoulder. Evans with a submission, Kai is able to reverse out of it, roll-up Evans and get the quick victory.

Winner: Dakota Kai

Post-match, Shayna Baszler heads out to the ring and goes right after Kai (who she previously put on the shelf). Baszler stares at Kai who looks quite scared at the moment. Baszler corners her and out comes NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon with a mic in hand. “So you really want to do this again, Shayna?” She says Baszler started it, but Moon is going to finish it at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. Moon pops Baszler and the two start brawling in the ring. Some referees try to separate them. Baszler ends up punching Moon in the face, but Moon then kicks her in the face and heads up to the top. Baszler with a high kicks stops Moon and she puts a wrist-lock on Moon over the top rope. Kai hadn’t left though and kicks Baszler in the side of the head. Moon then lands a one-handed Eclipse to drop Baszler, Moon stands over her. It is later announced that Ember Moon vs. Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship is official for NXT TakeOver: New Orleans.

2018 Jan 17

NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia Preview

NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia Preview

NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon vs. Shayna Baszler

NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon will face a very difficult challenge at TakeOver: Philadelphia when she puts her coveted title on the line against menacing newcomer Shayna Baszler.

The Queen of Spades stormed onto the scene at NXT just a few weeks ago, ambushing Kairi Sane from behind as she engaged in a staredown with Moon and putting The Pirate Princess to sleep with a ruthless Kirifuda Clutch.

The renowned member of MMA’s Four Horsewomen — who fought her way to the Finals of the inaugural Mae Young Classic last year before losing to Sane — then proceeded to bully her way around the WWE Performance Center on numerous occasions before destroying Dakota Kai in Baszler’s NXT debut match.

The destructive former UFC fighter continued to do whatever she wanted on the Jan. 17 episode of NXT, attacking Aliyah in the ring and prompting NXT’s War Goddess to make the save. With Moon wanting a match against the terrorizing Baszler and the destructive Superstar demanding that the contest be for Moon’s title, General Manager William Regal made the bout official.

For Moon, this is her first TakeOver event as NXT Women’s Champion after winning the previously vacant title in a Fatal 4-Way Match at TakeOver: WarGames. After spending most of 2017 scratching and clawing her way to the top of the NXT Women’s division, the laser-focused champion has made it clear that she is determined to hold onto the prized title for a very long time.

The NXT Women’s Champion certainly is doing the noble thing, standing up to the bullying Baszler, but will she regret picking a fight with such a ruthless submission specialist? Or, will the honorable Moon be able to stand up to her intimidating challenger and introduce her to the devastating Eclipse?

Watch Ember Moon clash with Shayna Baszler in a monumental NXT Women’s Championship Match on Saturday, Jan. 27, at 8 ET/5 PT on the award-winning WWE Network.

Source: WWE.com

2018 Jan 17

NXT Coverage – January 17, 2018

NXT Coverage – January 17, 2018

Lacey Evans vs. Aliyah

They lock up and Evans with a wrist lock. Aliyah with a reversal. Evans with a reversal of her own. Aliyah is sent to the mat when she tries to reverse the wrist lock. Aliyah with a double leg take down and jackknife cover. Aliyah with a forearm after escaping a backslide attempt. Aliyah with a snap mare and crucifix cover. Lacey goes to the apron and she runs Aliyah’s eyes across the top rope. Lacey with a slingshot elbow drop for a near fall. Evans sends Aliyah into the turnbuckles and she wraps the arm in the ropes. Evans with kicks in the corner. Evan with a hesitation bronco buster and she gets a near fall.

Aliyah with forearms and a European uppercut. Aliyah with a clothesline off the turnbuckles and then she hits a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Evans with a jaw breaker and it staggers Aliyah into the corner. Aliyah runs into the corner and is met with a punch and Aliyah goes down and Lacey gets the three count.

Winner: Lacey Evans

After the match, Lacey wonders how Mr. Regal can let the lowest levels of societal trash walk around the women’s division. It is time for a proper, sophisticated, powerful woman clean house. Lacey says she will start with the classless psychos like Nikki Cross or the confused Ember Moon or the pathetic Kairi.

Shayna Baszler shows up and Lacey goes to the back. Shayna goes to the ring and she picks up Aliyah and then chokes her out. Aliyah taps even though it means nothing. Shayna refuses to release the hold despite efforts from the referee. Ember Moon’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring and Shayna is able to get to higher ground. Ember asks Shayna if she wants to bully someone, she dares Shayna to try that with her. Ember tells Shayna to get in the ring so they can do this right now. Shayna ays she doesn’t have her gear so she will do it another time. Ember tells Shayna to name the time and place and she will bring the title. She tells Shayna not to forget her gear because she will beat her ass. Shayna tells her Philadelphia and she tells Ember to remember her title.

2018 Jan 10

NXT Coverage – January 10, 2018

NXT Coverage – January 10, 2018

Shayna Baszler vs. Dakota Kai

They lock up and Baszler backs Kai into the corner and pie faces her before kicking Kai in the leg. Kai with a forearm and a waist lock. Baszler with a suplex and wrist lock. Baszler continues to work on the elbow and wrist. Baszler with a Sole Food and a kick to the upper chest. Baszler stomps on the elbow and the referee checks on Dakota and calls for the bell.

Winner: Shayna Baszler (by referee stoppage)

After the match, Baszler chokes out Kai. Ember Moon makes her way to the ring to check on Kai. Moon and Baszler have some words for each other before Shayna leaves the ring.

2018 Jan 09

Shayna Baszler strikes again at the Performance Center

2018 Jan 03

NXT Coverage – January 3, 2018

NXT Coverage – January 3, 2018

We have a video package for the NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon. She says three things are near and dear to her heart. Skill, honor, and heart. Keep it close to your head because those are what motivate her. We see Ember at the Performance Center and she talks about the impact that the women have made in NXT. She says they are still fighting and she will not stop. She talks about growing up in Texas. She watched wrestling with her grandfather. Her parents talked about Ember watching World Class Championship Wrestling and the Von Erichs. Ember says she told her grandfather that she was going to be on Raw one day and her grandfather told her to do it. We see footage of Ember while she talked about telling her parents she wanted to be a wrestler and they laughed at her. Her parents talk about how they didn’t know that she was going to Houston. She mentions driving five hours each way from Garland to train.

Booker T says she knew that Ember would be a star. Ember mentions her tryout in FCW and she got a no because she ‘didn’t have the Diva look’. Ember says that hurt when you are 19 or 20 years old. Mickie James says that it wasn’t about the skill and more the look. Norman Smiley says that he told her to keep fighting. Ember says she was going to make a name for herself and make WWE say yes to her. Mickie says either you have it or you don’t and Ember has it. Ember says she was able to make a name for herself. She came to Florida and she saw Paige at Universal and Paige told her to try again. Ember was not sure but Paige told her that she was what WWE was looking for. We see her tryout and Norman says she was a more rounded performer. Ember says if she didn’t make it, she would probably have quit. Ember says she got picked and signed.

Ember says she wanted something powerful other than her real name. The first time people saw her was in Brooklyn. To go from wrestling in front of a hundred people to her biggest crowd was something. She says it was time to go to work and it was time to do what she was born to do. Carmella says Ember is the future of the women’s division. Corey says once she gets in the ring she can hang with anyone. Charlotte says that she is excited to see what Ember can do. Ember says she lost more than a shot at the championship, she lost some of her pride. No matter how many times Asuka beat her down, she will get back up. We see Ember at Takeover Brooklyn.

She felt like she had something to prove in Brooklyn. Ember says there was nothing to cry about after the match because she earned the respect of the NXT Universe. She remembers her first day at the Performance Center, she was sitting next to Asuka. They were happy for each other’s success, but they knew they would be in the ring against each other. They will meet in the ring again. This gave her confidence that she could move forward. Ember says she needs to prove that she can win the big one. She will show she is worthy of the title. She says she respects people who deserve it and cannot fight it. She will fight for anyone as long as it is right. Heart is her passion and desire. As long as she puts her heart into everything, she knows things will turn out right.