2017 Dec 21

The Top 25 Matches of 2017

The Top 25 Matches of 2017

#6 Asuka vs. Ember Moon — NXT Women’s Championship Match (NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III)

This match was arguably the closest Asuka came to losing her coveted title during her 523-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion. One of the most underrated moments in wrestling in all of 2017 was when Ember Moon hit her spectacular Eclipse finishing move on the undefeated Asuka, only to have The Empress of Tomorrow shockingly kick out. It was awesome, and it was must-see. — SCOTT TAYLOR

Source: WWE.com

2017 Dec 20

NXT Coverage – December 20, 2017

NXT Coverage – December 20, 2017

It’s announced that next week Ember Moon will defend the NXT Women’s Championship against Sonya Deville.

2017 Dec 13

NXT Coverage – December 13, 2017

NXT Coverage – December 13, 2017

Ember Moon vs. Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay

Both women lock up, and Peyton hits a knee right to the midsection as she gets the advantage. Ember fights back, hitting a spinning heel kick and landing a head scissors takedown that sends Royce out of the ring. Ember climbs up top, diving onto both Royce and Kay. The champ brings Royce back into the ring, but is stopped by Kay which gives Royce a chance to lock Ember up in the Tarantula as we go to break.

Back from break, Royce is still in control before Ember takes her down, hitting a spinning back kick and an enziguri for a nearfall. Ember picks Royce up, but Royce rolls her up for a nearfall. Double underhook by Ember, but Royce gets out and hits a back elbow, forearm, and back kick for a nearfall. Royce goes for her fisherman suplex but Ember blocks it, only to be taken to the corner by Royce who hits right hands on the back of the champ. Ember gets out and takes Royce to the corner for a running Liger Bomb, which is blocked by Royce. Ember responds by kicking her down and hitting a big stomp on the back of Royce. Ember climbs up top, hitting the Eclipse for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon

Ember celebrates as we get replays of the match, but Kay runs into the ring hitting Shades of Kay on the champion. She continues the beatdown, getting Royce to help as they drive the face of Ember to the knee of Kay. Before they can do more damage, Nikki Cross runs in to make the save. Cross acts crazy before setting her eyes on the Women’s Championship, and then the champ. Cross stares at the title again before running the ropes, leaving us with the champ holding her title.

2017 Dec 12

NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon reveals her favorite experience at WWE Tribute to the Troops

NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon talks about her time spent at Naval Base San Diego and the experience of putting out a simulated fire on a ship during the 15th annual WWE Tribute to the Troops.

2017 Dec 09

Watch NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon on NXT this Wednesday on USA Network

Witness the new NXT Women’s Champion on USA Network this Wednesday at 7/6 C.

2017 Dec 07

The tale of a new champion: How the NXT Women’s Title justified Ember Moon’s struggle

The tale of a new champion: How the NXT Women’s Title justified Ember Moon’s struggle

Self-doubt, worry and frustration are all emotions that have found residence in the mind of Ember Moon. Yet, as ordinary as those feelings had become for her, NXT TakeOver: WarGames delivered a brand-new shipment of emotions: Joy, relief and euphoria, all courtesy of a dream come true, Ember Moon capturing the NXT Women’s Championship.

“I’ve been super-ecstatic ever since I won the championship. I worked so hard to get this, and right now I feel like the sky is the limit,” Moon told WWE.com.

Moon has had a few weeks to settle into her new role as NXT Women’s Champion. Following a recent NXT Live Event in Bel Air, Md., NXT’s War Goddess took time to reflect on the fateful night that changed her career.

“As soon as I won the title, I remember having to do an interview right away,” she recalled. “By the time I got to locker room, it was completely empty. I put the title down, I put my armor down and I just stared at the both of them.

“I just said to myself, ‘I finally did it.’ I finally solidified every decision that I made in my career and justified them,” Moon added. “I just took a moment to step out of the craziness and live in that moment of happiness.”

In true storybook fashion, Moon’s mother, father, fiancé, niece and nephew were all in attendance at the Toyota Center to witness Moon’s crowning achievement. And to make things even sweeter, the crowning moment took place in her home state of Texas. Continue reading The tale of a new champion: How the NXT Women’s Title justified Ember Moon’s struggle